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The Old Chigwellian Lodge, number 6648 is a “School Lodge” which was formed for the enjoyment of Old Chigwellians (and their close relatives), Governors, Masters and Officers of Chigwell School, whether already a Freemason or those interested in becoming one. 

The Old Chigwellian Lodge was founded and consecrated in 1948 by a number of Old Chigwellians including the Headmaster (1939-1946) of the era, Dr. Robert James, CBE. Of course, Dr. James later became the Headmaster of Harrow School. The Lodge has frequently attracted members from the staff at Chigwell School including the late Barrie Sydenham who was the Deputy Head, and more recently The Reverend Michael Bradley who was a music master and Boys’ Boarding Housemaster at Grange Court. The late Alan Brooker, JP, DL was a member of the Lodge for many years and he also Chaired the Board of Governors at Chigwell School. Our latest recruit from the School staff is Amardeep Dewel who joined the Lodge in May ’23.

Other names which you may recognise include: Geoffrey Gough (H) David Jackson (H) John Keys (J) Nick Garnish (I) Paul Pereira (I) (I) Dr Gary Bhumbra (I) Rev’d Michael Bradley (I) Ricky Gardezi (I) Vince Hagedorn (J) Robin Tilbrook (J) Paul McCarthy (J) Paul Gobey (J) Deep Johal (I) Omar Mahmood (I) Stuart Richardson (I) Harps Johal (I) Amar Shah (J) Dr Rahul Bhome (I) Raj-Inder Chadha (I) Adrian McCarthy (I) Chris McDonald (J) Graham Richardson (I) Mark Bennett (J) Kalpesh Kapasiawala (I) Richard Potter (J) Ollie Tilbrook (I) Peter R Blower (I) Dilip Digwa (I) Anil Sharad (I) Peter Warner (J) Peter Blower (J) James Foley (I) Andrew Foley (I) Jusden Halibi (I) Vishal Sharma (I)  Arjun Sharad (I)  Kashif Din (I)  Amardeep Dewal (I)  Iyman Choudhry (I)   

‘J’ denotes a joining member, ‘I’ denotes Initiated in the OC Lodge.

If you wish to contact any of the members listed above, or indeed wish to enquire about membership, please use the contact page.

Your message will be passed on to the member directly. Thank you.

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